Needs Analysis

  • general space & its use
  • retail
  • residential

we believe that the process of analyzing the needs and possibilities of a client / space is an integral part of the study which is never missing from the very beginning of this.At this stage we analyse the goals, the purposes, the design consept, the choises, the ways, the cost, the time each project gonna need. thereby we are avoiding both sides unpleasant surprises and we know from the beggining what to expect from a study and its implementation


  • refurbishment
  • new projects
  • concept creation

we say that working without creating a concept idea deprives the ability to visualize something in its entirety and it is difficult to clearly broadcast it. It's like a natural reaction when you hear your clients needs & wants whether it's a private or a commercial space. it's like taking inspiration from an inicial point staying faithful to it and in the issue when with so many influences around you can easily lose your target


  • interior
  • exterior
  • vitrines

we REALLY LOVE what we do & we are good at that! We love to design spaces, furniture, lighting. Our biggest motive is that we have a great passion in order to see our ideas from a conceptual state transformed into a real thing. Apart from our own designs the truth is that we appreciate and we use alot, others talented designer's work or big companies suggestions, concerning design objects. Brands that you can see we like through our collaborators


  • residencial
  • retail
  • office
  • special

We all know that lighting whether it is natural or artificial is crucial for our well-being & our safety. We now can say, after all these years of experience and our specialized studies in those fields, that architectural lighting is something we possess. We can help you alot to create different scenarios, special spaces to work comfortably, to relax, to communicate, to socialize, to sell, to highlight your building (business or living) in & out. Always with an environmental sensitivity, well thought & easy maintenanced

Workshops & Training

  • in our studio
  • in house (private)
  • in other studios (universities)

Working in the vocational training institute of Municipality of Volos since 2008, I realized how creative can be, teaching interior design & its evolution to other people. We decsided then why not doing this in our studio? So that's it. We are trying at least once a year to organize a workshop which includes a theoretical analysis of the latest global trends in design, the designs of an object/furniture (wooden mainly), at the studio and then comes the construction moment which is taking place to the factory next to the studio with all that the mechanical equipment, support and guidance from specialists to materialize your plans! So stay tuned and we will inform you with details through our newsletter!