contractors managment

Let's agree that the design prossess is very very essential & importand in every space. Imagine now that you take the most beautiful & most appropriate design proposal for you. And then you continue alone with a team of craftsmen & with your own experience.

The chances of a failure are big enough. What we want to say is that the next step after a design proposal / concept is to assign the work to a specialized team. Did you know that if you do not follow an organized building method (with predetermined number of tasks and specifications for each job, can increase costs by up to 30%? We, at woodwork LAB. can undertake this job for you & we find project management maybe the most importand step of the whole process. Either by controlling your own work crew or by providing our special & experienced crew for each specialization needed. That means that we provide a daily supervision at the site or at the workshop each construction is taking place & the appropriate consultancy at each stage.