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Hi! This is us. The team of woodwork LAB. Thank you for visiting our web site! Our team is composed permanently by:

THALIA - woodworker & organization of the business

MITCH - woodworker & runs a big part of the business

STEFANOS - woodworker & runs another big part of the business

CHRISA - interior & lighting designer & professor & wanna be woodworker

THODORAS - woodworker

BILL - woodworker & polisher

GIORGOS - woodworker

woodwork LAB. by Dianellos family, is a greek carpentry workshop created by our father in 1977. Ever since many things have changed, such as ourselves, our way of thinking, our equipment, our employees, (basically because of their retirement :), but not our quality in handmade woodworkings and made to measure furniture. Now after so many years, we are happy to present you some of our favourite wooden projects

Our LAB. is accomodated in an owned building about 1.100 sq. m. a little further from the city centre of Volos. There you can find our small factory but also our design studio which is housed in an old stable built aproximately in the 50's.

Our studio is active since 2007 in the construction and design process. We undertake from scratch spaces & buildings to (re)construct or/and renovate. Our office is at the moment under consruction due to our almost daily necessity to change, our concern to become more and more creative, inspired even from our environment, in an attempt to follow the new lines in global design through our vision.